Distant Sales Contract


1.This contract was signed by Erdem Özel Eğitim Hizmetleri ve Tic. (will be written shortly as ERDEM in the contract) and the participant. This contract will be valid from the date of registration until the end date of the camp, and with the signatory who made the reservation, and all participants mentioned in the registration form.

2.Activities, sightseeing, accommodation, transfers and other services provided are a part of the camp program. No money can be claimed for any unused services.

3.The Summer Camp Turkey Organization may vary from normal tour. The package is not included in the tour. In 2018, the camp will go on for 14 days and 13 nights, 7 days and 6 nights, for 6 weeks. Different camps are organized according to different age groups. Participants can perform different activities in these camps. In addition, this organization includes special participation conditions and rules.

4.The Camp Administrators have the right and the authority to export from those who do not comply with the rules. For any reason, the participation fee of the person who has lost his right to participate/attend in the camp or who is expelled from the camp will not be refunded.

5.The participant may transfer his / her participation in the camp to someone who meets the conditions of participation, up to 1 week before the start of the camp. (These changes must be made by e-mail or fax.) However, the fee will not be paid for the final participant. At the same time the participant that changes his/her camp program and place will be accepting the terms of the camp program and activities.

6.The organization that is responsible of the camp has the right to add/remove programs and all other services provided by them without notification when it deems necessary. In such cases, the participant’s approval is not required. He / she will not be entitled to any cancellation or compensation. The participant accepts this condition by agreeing to the terms and conditions.

7.In any camp period were a natural disaster, fire, war, emergency situation occurs, participants will receive full money refund within the periods announced.

8.Participants can enroll to this organization via the official website of the organization (www.summercampturkey.com) or through the relevant stakeholder schools were a participant number is given at registration. Participants will read this electronic contract and can only register after he/she accepts it. ERDEM has the right to make changes to the contract without notification. Amendments to the contract do not require the approval of the participants.

9.All the services included in the camp program are included in detail. All other tours and services are at an extra cost.

10.Access (transportation) to the camp site is not included in the payment. ERDEM may change the conditions of the program in accordance with the natural conditions in the course of the program. İn such cases, notifications will be sent to participants via e-mail, SMS, mail or by posting on the web site.

11.Participants acknowledge and agree that the address, telephone and e-mail addresses they provide during registration are accurate and that the changes are valid unless otherwise notified in writing.

12.If the participant leaves the camp by betting that the service is imperfect, he must inform the camp authorities in writing that he has left the camp. Otherwise the participant will be accepted as he/she has received the service and not left the camp with own will. In addition, if the participant complains about the service and uses all the services provided, participants will not be able to receive any substitute service or compensation. And the participant will not be considered with good intentions.

13.Participants that are participating in the camp program is acknowledging that the program he / she will be receiving is a nature camp and activity program and an alternative vacation. For this reason the participants will be considered to have accepted the seasonal factors and natural situations that may occur due to this.

14.Since the participant has acknowledged the characteristics of the camp site and the content of the program, he / she declare that his/ her personal health status and personal situation of any kind is appropriate for the camp site. Otherwise accepts that the responsibility is on the participant themselves.

15.All participants (even if they have not participated) that have registered to our site are considered to have given their permission via e-mail and GSM numbers electronically or by SMS. These persons are accepted as allowed unless they cancel the permit themselves.

16.Participants who participated in the camp have learned the terms of this agreement through our web site (www.summercampturkey.com) and announcements, which will be valid between the parties even if they have not signed it, and have committed to participate in the terms of this contract. The camp voucher can be edited in print or electronically.

17.The contract is composed of 3 pages and 17 (Seventeen) items and all conditions are negotiated, agreed and signed with free will. In any conflicts that may arise Istanbul Anadolu (Anatolian) courts are the solution place.